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Cell Phone & Mi-fi

Calling Home & Within Israel

If you plan on calling home during the trip, you can either rent a cell phone (see below), purchase a calling card before you leave (see below), or purchase a calling card after you arrive in Israel. For parents and friends who wish to contact a participant in Israel during the trip, keep in mind that Israel is seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Since our groups usually return to the hotels around 8:00pm each evening, the best time to call a hotel is between 1pm-5pm EST. NOTE: We will be releasing confirmed hotel names and phone numbers 3-4 weeks before the trip departure date.

Cell Phone Rentals

talknsave-logo-1Renting a cell phone is the easiest way to keep in touch with your friends and family while you are in Israel. We have negotiated a discount rate with a local Israeli cell phone provider by the name of “Talk’N’Save”. It’s cheap and easy.

The phones can be rented for the duration of the 10-day trip and can be extended for as long as you stay in Israel. You will receive the phone number before you depart, and the actual phone will be personally delivered to you immediately after you land in Israel. it’s very convenient.

To order a cell phone rental through “Talk’N’Save”, please sign-up through the following registration site:   https://www.talknsave.net/birthright-groups/urj-kesher/

Special Note: If you forget to order your phone at least five days in advance, there will be a limited number of phones available in Israel at the airport that you will be able to rent on the spot. However, a $1/day rental fee will apply, and we can not guarantee that there will be enough phones to go around. The point is that you should rent your phone in advance at: https://www.talknsave.net/birthright-groups/urj-kesher/

Calling Cards

You can purchase a calling card when you land at the airport, or you can order a calling card before the trip through any number of providers. Parents and friends who wish to call a participant in Israel may also want to purchase a calling card. There are many available choices in the market.

Staff Phone Numbers

Additionally, as your trip approaches, we will provide you with the cell phone and office phone numbers of key staff in Israel. Calls to the cell phones will be answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but please ask your parents, family, and friends to use these numbers ONLY for emergency matters requiring immediate attention. Any less urgent matters should be handled using the office numbers, the hotel numbers, or by having you call home.

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