URJ Kesher Marketing Toolkit
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URJ Kesher Marketing Toolkit

Use our Marketing Toolkit!

Thank you for helping us spread the word about Birthright Israel with Kesher. We’ve included a variety of materials that are ready-to-use or easily customizable for use at events, on your website, in email communication, and on social media.

Don’t see something here? Email [email protected] and we’ll help!

Start here! Kesher Marketing 101:

  • bri35-marketing-flyer-toolkitInclude information about Kesher in all of your print and electronic communications
  • Use our ready-to-use “Bulletin Bytes” for print bulletins or email newsletters. We also have logos and photos for you to use on our Kesher Graphics and Logo page.
  • Make sure Kesher is listed on your website. Think about appropriate pages where both parents and 18-26 year olds can access the information. Embed or link to the Kesher promotional video.
  • Invite Kesher alumni to write a guest column.
  • Include Kesher on all social media. We have tools for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on our social media page.
  • Choose a day to host a “Kesher Day” during services. Ask a Kesher alumnus to speak about his or her experiences.
  • Display our flyer where parents and potential participants will see it. Have extra copies for people to take home.

More Marketing Tools

Social Media Toolkit

Spread the word about Birthright Israel with Kesher with our Social Media Toolkit! Use the Facebook and Twitter posts to help reach college students, young professionals, parents and others! Encourage your congregants to Go Kesher on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: Social Media Toolkit!

Bulletin Bytes

Don’t forget our ready-to-use bulletin / newsletter / e-newsletter messages. Be sure to include Kesher in your print and electronic communications with the congregation. Frequent information about Birthright Israel with Kesher, including important deadlines and who to contact with questions, will keep the excitement and momentum alive. Follow the link for a few messaging ideas to get you started: “Bulletin Bytes”

Graphics and Logos

Want ready-to-use graphics to include on your website or share on social media? Need a logo? Images are a great way for your congregation to help advertise Birthright Israel with Kesher. Follow the link for graphics and logos ready to be placed on your website or Facebook page: Kesher Graphics and Logos

Kesher Videos

Share the Kesher Promotional Videos on social media, and on your website, in a few easy steps! Follow the link for a variety of videos and easy instructions on how to share a video on your website or via social media: Kesher Promotional Videos

Give Priority Status!

You have the power! Help members of your community get selected for a free Birthright Israel trip with Kesher this coming summer. Fill out the linked referral form with the names and email addresses of eligible community members looking to go on Birthright Israel. Make sure they know to choose URJ Kesher as their trip organizer. We’ll give them priority trip selection status. You’ll be a hero!

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Perspective applicants and parents alike often have numerous questions about the Kesher program. What is the registration process? Is the trip really free? Can I travel with friends? Will my child be safe in Israel? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and, of course, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with additional questions.

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