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Detailed Registration Process

Detailed Registration Process

The following is a detailed explanation of the registration process for Birthright Israel trips with Kesher. Please take a moment to read these details carefully!

STAGE #1: Birthright Israel Application

– Personal Registration Info
– Birthright Israel Trip “Waiver & Agreement”
– $250 Refundable Trip Deposit
– Email Confirmation

STAGE #2: Kesher “Secondary Application”

– Registration Details
– Choose Trip Dates & Travel Companions
– Medical & Dietary Information
– Application History
– URJ Kesher “Waiver & Agreement
– Birthright Israel Participant Alcohol Agreement

STAGE #3: Get Interviewed!

STAGE #4: Accept Your Spot on the Trip


STEP 1: Birthright Israel “Birthright Israel Application

Submit the online Birthright Israel Birthright Israel Application. If you’re looking to get started outside of our registration window, follow that link and complete your pre-registration, which is only step 1 of the primary application steps below. There are a total of eight steps to the Birthright Israel Application.

Primary Application Steps

Personal Registration Info (Steps 1-5)

During Steps 1-5 of the Birthright Israel Application you will be asked for some basic contact and biographical information. Keep in mind that as part of the second step, you will need to choose a trip provider. Be sure to select “URJ Kesher” if you wish to travel with us!

Birthright Israel Waiver & Agreement (Step 6)

After entering your personal registration details, you will be asked to indicate that you agree online to the terms of the “Gift Waiver & Permission Agreement”.

$250 Refundable Trip Deposit (Step 7)

Finally, in Step 7 of the Birthright Israel Application you will need to submit a $250 refundable trip deposit. All Birthright Israel applicants must submit a refundable deposit in order to be considered for a trip. The deposit can only be submitted online via the “Payoneer” service. You will have the option to pay the deposit via credit card (a $10 fee applies) or via electronic check (no fee). Learn More: Refundable Deposit Details

Email Confirmation (Step 8)

At this point you will automatically receive an email which will notify you whether you are eligible for the program on a preliminary basis. To proceed with your application, you will need to click on the confirmation link in the body of the e-mail.

Your application will ONLY be considered complete after you have submitted the full online Birthright Israel application, including the $250 refundable trip deposit. The sooner you complete the above steps, the better your chances of getting on the trip that you want.

NOTE: We highly recommend completing your entire Birthright Israel Application on the first day of registration to improve your chances of being selected for a trip.

STEP 2: Kesher’s “Secondary Application”

Once the Birthright Israel Application closes (typically within a week), you will receive an email invitation from Kesher asking you to complete the Secondary Application on the Kesher website. Keep in mind that the order that you complete the Secondary Application has no impact on how we assign trip spots.

Registration Details (Step 1)

View your official registration details as you entered them in the Birthright Israel Application. Make sure that your name appears online exactly as it appears in your passport; including your middle name. If your name appears differently in your passport, email us to let us know how to correct it.

Choose Trip Dates & Travel Companions (Step 2)

Select and rank your top-10 trip date choices. Choose the trips that work best for you based on departure city, program type, and age groups. There will be many many options to choose from, and we expect to add even more trip date options soon after registration has begun. As new choices become available, you will be able to update your trip date selections. As a general rule, we recommend choosing as many trip date options as possible to increase your chances of being offered a trip spot. Finally, if you wish to travel with a friend or family member, you will be able to indicate who your travel buddies are here. We can not guarantee to link you up on the same trip as your friend(s), but we certainly do our best.

Medical & Dietary Information (Step 3)

Let us know about any pertinent dietary and medical information. You will also be asked to submit your medical insurance policy number (this is a Birthright Israel requirement). However, you do not need to submit any of this information until after you are formally offered a trip spot. Furthermore, if you do not currently have medical insurance that is valid abroad, we will provide an alternate solution.

Application History (Step 4)

Use this section to let us know if you applied in the past or if you were referred by a Kesher alum.

Kesher “Waiver & Agreement” (Step 5)

View your application status, and indicate that you agree to the terms of the Kesher Trip Waiver Form

Birthright Israel Participant Alcohol Agreement (Step 6)

Indicate that you agree to the terms of the Birthright Israel Participant Alcohol Agreement.

STEPĀ 3: Get Interviewed

Before we can offer trip spots, we will conduct a telephone-based interview. The purpose of the interview is to make sure that you are eligible and to answer your questions. Typically we make these calls within 2-4 weeks of the start of registration. Do not panic if you do not hear from us right away. The order that we contact you for your phone-based interview has no relationship to the trip assignment process.

STEPĀ 4: Accept Your Spot on the Trip

About 2-3 weeks after registration opens, we will begin to send out actual trip confirmations via email. To make your spot on the trip official, you will need to respond to our trip offer message and accept your spot on the trip in writing. As soon as you have officially accepted your spot on the trip we offer you, we will issue your ticket and begin sending you a series of pre-trip preparation messages. The actual itinerary for the trip will be released about a month prior to departure.

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